Windows Startup Apps

In this Windows Startup Apps guide, I am going to show you how you can disable Windows applications from loading on startup, this will help to reduce the amount of time spent waiting for Windows to load after booting or restarting your computer. Please be aware the steps are different between Windows 7 and 8/10 and some Applications are required for Windows to Start, so please always verify the Applications or Process you are going to Disable prior to Disabling, if unsure about a process I suggest Google the Manufacturer or Path prior to disabling.

Windows 10 Instructions

Start by Left + Clicking on Cortana Search and typing Task Manager than Right + Click and select Run As Administrator

Left + Click the Startup Tab and Right + Click the Application and Select Disable via Left + Click


Windows 7 Instructions

Left + Click the Start Menu button and type msconfig then press the Enter key

Left + Click the startup tab at the top of the window

Uncheck any of the applications you do not wish to load during startup, be sure and check the Command Path and Manufacturer to make sure you are not disabling Driver or Required applications as it may result in Boot Loops or the Failure of Windows to Start. In short, if you are unsure of the software you are about to disable run a Google Search before disabling.

(Note – Some applications are required during startups, such as the catalyst control center for ATI video cards, or Nvidia. As well as Realtek or other manufactures for your computer hardware. So check the manufacturer before disabling.)