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Installing Windows 7

Installing Windows 7 how to guide, I will show you how to install the Windows 7 OS. In our previous post How to configure the BIOS, we configured the BIOS […]


UNEXPECTED_KERNEL_MODE_TRAP – Stop Error – STOP 0x0000007F Cause – Hardware failure, like defective memory chips, mismatched memory modules, a malfunctioning CPU, or a failure in your fan or power supply […]


KERNEL_STACK_INPAGE_ERROR – Stop Error – STOP 0x00000077 Cause – The system has attempted to read kernel data from virtual memory (the page file) and failed to find the data at […]


DATA_BUS_ERROR – Stop Error – STOP 0x0000002E Cause – Failed or defective physical memory including memory used in video adapters, but also corrupted hard disk’s and damaged motherboards cause this. […]


NTFS_FILE_SYSTEM – Stop Error –  STOP 0x00000024 Cause – A problem occurred within the NTFS file-system driver. A similar Stop error, 0x23, exists for FAT32 drives. Resolution – Step 1 […]


KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED – Stop Error – STOP 0x0000001E Cause – The Windows kernel detected an illegal or unknown processor instruction, often the result of invalid memory and access violations caused by […]


UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME Stop Error – STOP OX000000ED Cause – Occurs if Windows is unable to access the volume containing the boot files. Resolution – Step 1 – Shut your PC off. […]


BAD_POOL_CALLER – Stop Error – STOP 0x000000C2 Cause – A kernel-mode process or driver attempted to perform an illegal memory allocation. Can often also be a bug in a driver […]


IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL – Stop Error – STOP 0x0000000A Cause – This stop error is normally caused by faulty or incompatible hardware or software. The name of the […]